Good Morning

Good morning,

It’s a new day, in your world

How did you choose to start it?

Did you hit the snooze button?

Did you get up and make up your bed?

Did you play some music?

Did you decide to pray and start your day? 

Did you check your social media?

Did you contemplate calling into work?

Did you pick up yesterday’s argument where you left off?

Did you send a good morning text? 

Did you uplift or encourage your friends or family?

Did you know, in the mornings, our thoughts and actions contribute to the FLOW of our day.

We have a choice on how we’ll start our day. 

  • Allow your body to wake up. Just like how a car needs to be warmed up. The body needs to set into the new day. 
  • Think positive vibes, get some music bumping and groove a little. 
  • Breakfast? I would say yes, it’s a vital part of the day, and can get your thinking process aligned properly. 
  • Need to get something off your chest? Pray about it or meditate and seek guidance on how to deal with it.
    • This creates an atmosphere with different vibrations and energy to help you deal with an issue. Where you can allow yourself to think before you talk! 

What are some other things, you feel can contribute to a Good Morning, leave your thoughts below! 

Let’s build new habits, that can help build a better us!



8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Praying, making my bed, And a nice morning shower each day gets me going! I never eat breakfast something I need to start doing though! Thanks for the morning inspirations! 🤗

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    1. Ahh the morning showers are so refreshing, they too are vital, of course for hygiene purposes and to feel good! A lot of people do not eat breakfast, but for sure try to, its an added boost of energy in the mornings!! Thanks for reading Pauline 😊


  2. I definitely wake up always hitting snooze mon-fri and contemplate calling in everyday lol. I always shower it helps to wake me up. Then I gotta get the mini me ready and take my morning vitamins.


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