First blog post

Well than!

First things first, Welcome to My World aka Ricroc’s World.
Not even I know where this is going to lead, but I do know it’s going to go somewhere!
I’m speaking that into existence, from this very first post.
I claim prosperity and success, I want to be able to touch people in the littlest to biggest ways with this blog.
Many different methods will be taken to enlighten and brighten your day and days to come.

With that being said, Everything is easier said than done. That’s why I’m finally doing this, I’ve prolonged this for a while.
I know there’s things that you’ve prolonged for a while that you know can be accomplished just by putting in the effort. There’s no easier way to put it, sometimes certain resources are required to action your plans, but the key is always to TRY.

Try putting in effort to produce the result you want.

Have you had something that you’ve wanted to do for a while, and just didn’t put the effort into it. Well today I implore thee, TRY putting in EFFORT!

  • Take time an go on that well needed shopping spree
  • Start that grocery shopping, start cooking your own meals!
  • Invest in your Intrapersonal skills
  • Start that workout plan independently or with another person, and stick with it
  • Think happy thoughts, sometimes we forget we can do this
  • Don’t kill yourself with boredom, go for a walk, cut with that lazy !
  • Do a massive clean up of any mess or clutter that you keep putting to the side
  • Get that pet you’ve always wanted (as long as you can take care of them)
  • Try to get laid, real talks, you don’t have to play with feelings to get laid, your intelligence alone can get you a little some some among other things
  • Try going to church, the temple, the mosque
  • Try reading
  • EAT BREAKFAST!! A lot of people don’t understand this is an important part of the day, but never have time in the morning to get that breakfast in

These are just a few things. Time is crucial in all that we do, don’t ever feel like there isn’t enough time to do what you need to do. You can always make time for that which you want to do. Hopefully you will look at seeing this post as a confirmation to get whatever it is in your life done, just by adding some trial and effort.

Until next time!


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