Have you ever wondered: Why life is as it is? Why you encountered so many certain experiences? What do you attract? What do your surroundings attract? If you could label yourself as a magnet: What energy do you pull towards you ?  What energy do you give off? Being aware of this, and having a […]

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Your Time

When I wrote this I was on the transit, heading to work. So why not utilize my ride time? I woke up in a good mood this morning and I stretched it as f’har as possible! I was bumping that, Drizzy, free schmoke, free schmoke ayee… Ahhh just cool Drizzy Drake, place him on a napkin, […]

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Good Morning

Good morning, It’s a new day, in your world.  How did you choose to start it? Did you hit the snooze button? Did you get up and make up your bed? Did you play some music? Did you decide to pray and start your day?  Did you check your social media? Did you contemplate calling […]

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Something’s We…

Something’s we forget to appreciate.. Why? Were we so deserving? Something’s we can’t find the time for.. Why? Is it not important to us? Something’s we take for granted.. Why? Is it always going to be there? Something’s we pay no mind too, until the mind, starts minding. Why though? Were we conditioned that way? […]

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There is a famous quote from Haile Selassie I that was popularized by Bob Marley. It speaks about how War will always reign until there are certain knowledge, values, reasons, mind and language that are broken down . This was written how many years ago and to see that, what’s was going on then is […]

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First blog post

Well than! First things first, Welcome to My World aka Ricroc’s World. Not even I know where this is going to lead, but I do know it’s going to go somewhere! I’m speaking that into existence, from this very first post. I claim prosperity and success, I want to be able to touch people in […]

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